The Fallen Series Thriller

Redemption or Revenge?
For Jake Blake … time's up.

What readers are saying about JUMP!

"So many “OMG” moments. I gasped at some of the twists and turns.
A book that you simply don't want to put down! I was dreaming of JUMP."

− Lise

"I absolutely loved this book!!
I had a difficult time putting it down, even at work."

− Char (Amazon review)

"Fast pace, keeps you interested and trying to put the puzzle together!"

− Diane (Goodreads)

"… Outstanding …
Looking forward to the next two."

− Newbury Lady (Amazon Review)

"You really nail it with this book
… a 21st-century version of 1984, only worse.
…beautifully written!"

− Ana (Editor of JUMP)
Welcome to your future
Where Protection Ensures the “peace and prosperity…”
Jake knows they left off the “for all” part of it. And there are ten-billion other “free” citizens on the planet who know it too.
The truth? Control, compliance, and submission to judgement. Yes, humanity has come a long way since “the garden.”
The eternity Jake lives in is tumbling to an end. Judgement's out on whether he survives the fall.
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Jake's Been Part of the Problem…
Until today. Now, he has to choose.
Either way, it's a long way down to the pit.
The options are bad and worse, and Jake doesn't know it yet, but if he makes a bad call again … there'll be more than Hell to pay.
That's all Jake's got left.
And he's gonna find some answers in the most unlikely of places … for him anyway.
Because Heaven and Hell? Jake doesn't believe in any of that.
But a grizzled old priest has something in the basement of his church that just might change his mind.
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Pray For Rain? In Seattle?
But it might be the only thing that saves Jake from burning in Hell.”
His wife tried and tried to get praying to stick. It never did.
So now, you better pray for him. Because whatever depths of Hell Jake might fall into, you're going with him. And he's got about one day to figure a way out.